Bengaluru Redeveloped Stretch Taken Up In Phases, Business Continued Uninterrupted

Bengaluru Redeveloped Stretch Taken Up In Phases, Business Continued Uninterrupted

Business on Commercial Street will proceed uninterrupted as work to redress damages on the redeveloped stretch will be taken up in stages, Bengaluru Smart City Limited MD Rajendra Cholan said.
He said that the whole work would require 14 days and limits on vehicles movement will be set up just for the regions of the street where work will be in progress, Bengaluru Smart City Limited Managing Director Rajendra Cholan affirmed.

"The whole stretch won't be shut any moment of time. It will be done in a staged way and commercial foundations will be serviceable," he said. "From Sunday (12th Sep) night onwards. The roadway work has started and continued for next three days till Wednesday (15th Sep). During this period, vehicular movement was not being interrupted. Just when the work started on the carriageway, we had stopped the vehicle movement in that specific workspace. It will be done in a staged way," said Cholan.

He said that the whole working arrangement was talked about with the traders and their assent was taken prior to taking up the work. While the asphalt work was enclosed within three days, the carriageway stays open for vehicle and passerby movement. "When the pavement work was finished, the BSCL had taken up work on the initial 240 meters of the carriageway for next six days. Business was proceeded continuously," Cholan said. After the 240 meter stretch was prepared, the remaining of the 300 meters of the carriageway was taken up for work, he added.

Rajendra Cholan, overseeing chief, Bengaluru Smart City Limited (BSCL), told: "Vehicles movement before suitable time for relieving of the street drove damage of paving stones. We have as of now forced a punishment of 10% on the contractor and looked for substitution of the pavers." Cholan, while expressing that Rs 1.2 crore — of the Rs 3.8 crore financial plan — had effectively been delivered, said because of the damage, the street will again be shut for redevelopment.
Cholan said that the Commercial Street merchants were associated with the venture conversations and meetings. "The whole stretch of carriageway will be created in two stages and this arrangement was given by the traders' affiliation," Cholan said.

  The street was redeveloped under Smart City was opened by previous chief minister BS Yediyurappa in July 2021. Notwithstanding, the cobblestoned street before long started giving indications of damage. Sanjay Motwani, President of the Bengaluru Commercial Association, said that they have been educated that the work would be completed for the most part during the night to keep away bothering to the brokers and the customers.

"At the point when Revenue Minister R Ashoka as of late visited the road he saw that work was not sufficient and consequently the restructuring work was taken up. Work will be completed on 30 meters of pavement at a time so that customers can move around effectively," he added. Motwani said vehicles won't be permitted out on the road and about just when the tiles are laid and the following two days of relieving period.

Redevelopment utilizing concrete pavers in yellow, red, grey and brown was suggested by directorate of metropolitan land transport, roused by Europe roads. The task was reported in 2019. Work started in May 2020 yet the pandemic deferred it.


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