Biggest GST Fraud, Four Men Arrested In Bengaluru

Biggest GST Fraud, Four Men Arrested In Bengaluru

Four men who succumbed tax fraud in isolated cases adding up to over Rs 200 crore have been captured in the course of recent weeks. They purportedly raised fake invoices for worldwide organizations, including Chinese ones, for phony administrations worth Rs 1,000 crore in a couple of years.  

This is perhaps the greatest Goods and services charge (GST) cheats busted in the city as of late by the Bengaluru zonal unit of the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI). The investigators attacked numerous spots, incorporating Chinese firms situated in Mumbai, and held onto reports identified with counterfeit Input Tax Credit (ITC). The calculation of all tax fraud is still under way. Sources with the insight wing said Delhi-based Kamlesh Mishra raised phony invoices worth Rs 500 crore for the sake of fake firms.


  • Four men arrested in GST scam, in Bengaluru.

  • They purportedly raised fake invoices for worldwide organizations, including Chinese ones.

  • The exercises were facilitated by a Chinese public through online media WeChat/WhatsApp.

  • Sources said, Delhi-based Kamlesh Mishra raised phony invoices worth Rs 500 crore.


GST scam: Bengaluru man connived with Chinese bizmen, made phony invoices

Mishra drifted 23 organizations in the names of helpless people the nation over, remembering some for Bengaluru who had a PAN and Aadhaar card. He paid them abundantly to utilize their archives to begin organizations in their names and made phony invoices for GST worth Rs 80 crore," said an official. Mishra demonstrated that he sold items for high benefits in his anecdotal firms and extended a gigantic turnover helping them acquiring bill discounts and large loans from banks. "We attacked and recognized people who Mishra made as chiefs in fake organizations and in the wake of finding out the GST fraud, we captured him," the Bengaluru official added.

Bialadugu Krishnaiah, a Bengaluru based entrepreneur, had intrigued with some Chinese men and made a firm called Jump Monkey Promotions India Ltd. "Through the firm, Krishnaiah gave counterfeit invoices for entrenched Chinese firms across India dishonestly guaranteeing he had sold goods or services and as a payoff, he got Rs 53 crore sent by China Construction Sausam India Pvt Ltd and Quingdao Constructions. He cooperated with them much of the time through WeChat informing service and even made digital money buys for huge aggregates for Chinese people," the intelligence official said.

Investigators as of late attacked a couple of Chinese firms in Mumbai and held onto significant documents. After his capture, Krishnaiah was moved to Bengaluru jail. A test is in progress into his cash exchanges with outside nationals which are accepted to have produced huge amounts of unaccounted money for them.

Bengaluru-based firm Benstar Power Technologies India Pvt Ltd was busted for giving phony invoices to support different global firms in Karnataka. "The top dog is Suresh Mehta, head of Benstar, and he was captured in Bengaluru and Rs 12 crore was recuperated from one global organization," the official added.

A Bengaluru scrap vendor recognized as Haneef Mohammed of Khwaja Enterprises was captured by investigators profiting counterfeit Input Tax Credit worth crores of rupees. A recurrent assessment perpetrator Mohammed's non-existing provider joins for tax avoidance was set-up, sources added. The DGGI, BZU recovered Rs 1,038 crore during 2019-20 and detected tax evasion of Rs 3,400 crore. During 2020-21, an amount of Rs 478 crore was recovered till date, according to the official statement.

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