DDMA Imposed Night Curfew Today, Tomorrow To Restrict Gatherings

DDMA Imposed Night Curfew Today, Tomorrow To Restrict Gatherings

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Thursday forced a night time curfew in the national capital to check the spread of the Coronavirus infection (Covid-19). The limitations have been forced only ahead New Year celebrations.
The prohibition would apply from Thursday 11pm to Friday 6am and from Friday 11pm to Saturday 6am, said an order gave by the DDMA said in its order, adding that not in excess of five individuals will be permitted to amass at a public spot and no new year celebrations, occasions or social gatherings will be allowed post 11 pm.

  • Delhi gov. has reported a night time curfew on Thursday and Friday.

  • Prohibiting the social gathering of in excess of five people out in the open places for New Year Celebration.

  • Public spaces will exclude authorized premises, for example, cafés, bars, inns. Also, movement of merchandise or individuals inside the state and interstate is allowed.

  • Wearing of face masks will be compulsory.

"A detailed appraisal of the circumstance in Delhi has been made and considering the danger presented by the mutant UK strain of Covid-19 infection and subsequent to noticing the local incidents of the pandemic in GNCT, Delhi, it is detained that social occasions, assemblages and public celebrations of New Year represent a significant danger of spread of the infection and may make misfortune the noticeable gains made in the concealment of chain on transmission of Covid-19 cases in Delhi," the order gave by the DDMA read. The authority, in any case, said that there will be no limitations on interstate and intrastate movement of people and products during the curfew time period.
Delhi's chief secretary Vijay Dev affirmed the turn of events.
"The ministry of home affairs through its order dated December 28 has exhorted states and union territories (that) in light of their appraisal of the circumstance they may force local limitations, so as to contain the spread of Covid-19, for example, night time curfew," said the DDMA request.

Prior, authorities told news office PTI that police and fire unit deployment has been reinforced, and traffic guideline arranged. The eateries and bars have been requested to not host more than 50% of their capacity during New Year celebrations. "Police presence will be fortified in markets, around shopping centres, five-star lodgings, cafés, bars constantly," they added. Authorities have additionally taken a few measures to guarantee females' security.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava on Wednesday said that all open social events will be exposed to Covid-19 conventions adding that wearing of masks will be compulsory. "We will make satisfactory arrangements at places where individuals ordinarily prefer to gather. Yet, one thing would be that all such assortments would be dependent upon Covid-19 protocols," he said. Lately, public spaces, for example, India Gate or Delhi zoo have proclaimed assembling of several thousand on New Years' Day.

Delhi on Wednesday enlisted 677 new Coronavirus cases and 21 additional demise’s which pushed the general count to more than 624,000. Upwards of 84,680 tests were completed on Tuesday including 44,221 RT-PCR tests and 40,459 quick antigen tests, as per the notice gave by the health division. In the midst of the worries of the UK Covid-19 variation, the Delhi government has requested setting up of separate facilities at four private medical hospitals for travelers who went from or transitioned through the UK from November 25 till December 24 and have tested positive for the variation.



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