DU colleges reported to work with 100% staff strength from Feb 1

DU colleges reported to work with 100% staff strength from Feb 1

The University of Delhi (DU) will resume on February 1. The decision regarding this was taken after a gathering with the heads of branches of the University and directors of colleges associated to DU. All the colleges, centers, and divisions will be functional and all teaching personnel has been approached to go to their work environment from February 1.

Among students, just last year students have been approached to return to the grounds in little groups. Also, it has reported that colleges will work with 100% staff strength from February 1. 

"All colleges, centers and divisions will be practical and, thusly, all teaching personnel should take care of their work environment with impact from February 1," read a notice dated January 29.

Last year understudies — who need admittance to research laboratories and have practical classes — will be permitted to bring first back. Understudies' return, in any case, isn't compulsory. Understudies, according to the notification, can return to their grounds for an intentional premise.

"Just last year understudies, in little groups, are permitted to visit their individual colleges, centers and offices for their lab, practical’s, expertise, library and related exercises, according to the prudence of the particular head principal, chief or head in accordance with the UGC rules and SOPs," it added.

The university has been closed since mid-March because of the cross-country lockdown reported to control the COVID-19 pandemic. For the understudies admitted to different classes, the online classes will proceed according to plan.

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