Delhi Gov Lowers Drinking Age To 21, No New Liquor Shops

Delhi Gov Lowers Drinking Age To 21, No New Liquor Shops

Delhi's deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Monday reported bringing of lawful age down to savor alcohol in the national capital to 21 from 25. He additionally said that no new alcohol shops will be opened in Delhi.

"The legitimate age to drink in Delhi will presently be 21. There will be no government alcohol stores in Delhi. No new alcohol shops will be opened in the public capital," Sisodia said at a question and answer session declaring changes to the public capital's excise strategy.

"The new excise strategy was affirmed by the Cabinet today on premise of the proposals of the Group of Ministers. As of now, 60% alcohol shops in Delhi are controlled by the public authority," Sisodia added. "Government will guarantee fair dispersion of alcohol shops so alcohol mafia are tossed out of the trade. An income development of 20% is assessed after the changes in excise administration," he further added.

Delhi was one of just six states or union regions that fixed the benchmark at 25. A specialist advisory group set up by the public authority suggested in December that the lawful drinking age be changed to 21.

This comes after the new government information, which showed that the per capita pay for an inhabitant of Delhi in 2019-20 was ₹3,89,143. This is right around multiple times the public figure of ₹1,34,432. This demonstrates that the city has the necessary purchasing power in case the lawful age is decreased. Concerning the interest side, 58% of Delhi's populace is under 30 and 68% of this fall under the working age group.

In different urban communities like Mumbai, just strong alcohol is banned for those under 25, while wine and brew is permitted at 21. While almost 60% of the 28 states and eight Union domains in India permit the offer of alcohol to those over 21 years of age, Delhi is among the five states and Union regions that prohibited the drinking to the individuals under 25 years old. The others being Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. In major worldwide urban communities like New York and London, the drinking age is 21 and 18 separately.


Here is a rundown of lawful savoring age in some of the states and UTs in India -

  1.  Delhi - 21
  2.  Haryana - 25
  3.  Punjab - 25
  4.  Chandigarh (UT) - 25
  5.  Uttar Pradesh - 21
  6.  Uttarakhand - 21
  7. Himachal Pradesh - 18
  8.  Rajasthan - 18
  9.  Jammu and Kashmir - 21
  10.  Ladakh - 21
  11.  Maharashtra - 21 (for brew/wine), 25 (for hard alcohol)
  12.  Madhya Pradesh - 21
  13.  Sikkim - 18
  14.  Meghalaya - 18
  15.  West Bengal - 21

Kerala is the lone state in India where the lawful drinking age is 23. Sale of liquor is restricted in five states specifically, Gujarat, Bihar, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

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