FAU-G crossed the 4,000,000-pre-enlistment mark on Google Play

FAU-G crossed the 4,000,000-pre-enlistment mark on Google Play

FAU-G, known as Fearless and United Guards, has at last dispatched and is presently accessible to download on Google Play. Created by nCore Games, the action mobile game comes as a local option in contrast to PUBG Mobile, that was prohibited alongside other Chinese applications by the public authority in September a year ago. FAU-G was at first wanted to dispatch in November, yet following a few deferrals, the title at long last saw a dispatch on January 26, denoting the Republic Day. Meanwhile, FAU-G saw an amazing number of registrations in the days arranging to the dispatch.

Recently, FAU-G crossed the 4,000,000-pre-enlistment mark on Google Play, as indicated by nCore Games co-founder and director Vishal Gondal. The game was likewise under the spotlight on account of Bollywood entertainer Akshay Kumar and his active contribution with FAU-G's turn of events – from the title to the signature tune.
FAU-G has now dispatched on Google Play, Gondal discusses further subtleties of the game, its intended interest group, its adaptation procedures, and likely arrangements to enter the universe of esports. In an interview he clarified some of the important things mentioned down here:


  • Congratulations on the dispatch of the game! FAU-G crossed 4,000,000 registrations on the first day of its dispatch on the Google Play store. This is the most noteworthy actually number of pre-registrations in India. Would you be able to reveal to us more about what players ought to anticipate from FAU-G when they initially download the game?

Vishal Gondal: FAU-G is the first run through when engineers are endeavoring to make what I call unique Indian stories – Indian IP. Which is the reason I do accept that the sort of reaction we have is exceptional. It is only the manner in which it works. For instance, on the off chance that you take a gander at Netflix or Amazon Prime Video where it had all these unfamiliar shows like Narcos. Be that as it may, when it came to Indian films and Indian shows, they rule. On the off chance that you take a gander at any stage, there's at long last Indian content and Indian IPs. Gaming is the lone spot where Indians were not offered admittance to top quality Indian substance.

The majority of the games were either Chinese or Korean or from different pieces of the world, which is the reason I needed to ensure that we give individuals what they like, what they identify with, and what they associate with. What's more, I think with any Indian, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, [one purpose of interest] we can associate with full commitment is our fighters, our faujis, and the penances they have made for the country.

I accept that more youthful individuals, particularly, are not actually mindful of it since they're totally submerged in their universe of PC or mobile games. In this way, the thought is to give individuals not just an encounter of the game with FAU-G, however let them carry on with an existence of a trooper and experience what it is to be on the front liners.


  • FAU-G is being contrasted with PUBG. Would you be able to reveal some insight into the interactivity similitudes between the two, if by any means? How it is unique, or better, than PUBG? Likewise, PUBG is making a re-emergence in India. It is safe to say that you are prepared to take the opposition head-on?

With regards to diversion, there is foreign content and afterward there is content which is local and Indian. For instance, we have Spider-Man and we have Krrish. Everyone likes Spider-Man, yet you realize it's anything but a story you know. He's in New York it is anything but a story we as a whole identify with so much. Likewise, while PUBG is an incredible item yet you know the timetable, the storylines, the characters are not actually someone a normal Indian can identify with. Truth be told, they're more eastern characters, in the event that you see PUBG and the sort of stuff they have done.

Also, I question if PUBG could actually pick Indian warriors and explicitly Indian officers battling with our foes in the lines, given PUBG's own devotion to a portion of these individuals. Along these lines, I think taking everything into account, we are attempting to give Indians what we accept they need as Indians, which is a gaming experience where they can battle the foes – much the same as Call of Duty. Honourable obligation, for instance, discusses World War, America's battle in Afghanistan, which is the reason the Western crowd partner with Call of Duty since it's a war they have lived, or where their folks or their grandparents have battled in. In any case, an Indian would not partner as much with World War II or Afghanistan, so I accept that with FAU-G, the unmistakable separation is our topic, our storyline. Take a gander at the exchanges we have made [for the game]. We have utilized Hindi and Tamil, so it's going as neighbourhood as could reasonably be expected.

Lastly, with FAU-G we additionally needed to give them a significance to their ongoing interaction. This fundamentally implies that when they make any buy in the game, 20% of our net continues will be given to Bharat Ke Veer trust which is made for the jawaans and here is again a method of how gamers can contribute decidedly to the country.


  • You've recently declared that 20% of the income from the game would go to the Bharat Ke Veer trust. In any case, what precisely is the adaptation system here? Will the game have promotions or in-application buys?

For games like FAU-G, which are basically activity games, our greater income stream comes from in-application buys and not promoting. In this way, there is an entire host of in-application buy modules. You can purchase skins and weapons, etc, and we will continue adding more things. Recollect PUBG was being developed for a very long time and we're only short of what one year into advancement. Along these lines, the manner in which games work is we keep concocting renditions that assists the game with getting.

We likewise have another fascinating method of adaptation, which is promoting. At this moment, there is an intriguing idea, which we call Easter Eggs, in the game where individuals can find and buy Fau-G shirts and other product which likewise adds to our adaptation. We have thought past gaming, and we're considering making a whole universe of FAU-G where we have promoting and an entire host of things meeting up.


  • Bollywood entertainer Akshay Kumar has advanced the game through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. By what other means would he say he is associated with the game and its ideation cycle? Would players be able to hope to see character skins dependent on Akshay Kumar in the game?

Akshay sir's organization is energetic with regards to our officers. In my other organization GOQii, we're firmly connected with him. In this way, when I was contemplating nCore Games, our thought was to do a game dependent on the troopers of India. The game conceptualisations began at some point in 2019 however when the entire Galvan Valley occurrence occurred, we began dealing with that level and that is the point at which he really gave us the title. Along these lines, the title FAU-G is totally attributed constantly to Akshay Kumar.

He's the person who considered the big picture, he's profoundly engaged with our inventive cycle he's taken a gander at each game form. He's remarked on each character, each weapon. Truth be told, the signature tune, the hymn which was created was likewise something which is delivered by Akshay [Kumar] himself. By and by, he is truly dedicated and enthusiastic about our warriors and his point was that our young people toward one side are playing all these activity games and on the opposite end don't have the foggiest idea what our fighters are really doing at the line. Along these lines, it was tied in with recounting the tales, which is the reason we dispatched with the story mode, where we are disclosing to you the narratives of our fighters. As things progress, we will be taking a gander at different modes, including a Battle Royale mode and a PvP mode. Everything I can advise you is that Akshay Kumar has truly been a major help and his innovative superpower encouraged us take FAU-G to where it is up until now.


  • FAU-G takes motivation from the Galwan Valley incident yet appears to have its own storyline focussed on India-China conflicts. Do you feel in the current circumstance this may additionally stir up enemy of China feelings?

Our game can't add or eliminate anything about enemy of China notions. I believe it's truly about what's going on in the truth on the ground. We are simply recounting a story and we're simply having our young people, who are generally playing the games, know this story. Taking everything into account, we as a whole understand what the international circumstance is presently. And everything I can say is that the solitary expectation is that the circumstance improves, and every one of these battles become restricted to mobile games and not in reality.

We have another inquiry from Shagufta Iqbal, who's a gamer and her inquiry is will you need a very good quality gadget to run FAU-G or low-end gadgets would likewise have the option to run it?

We are presently supporting any stage, from Android 8 onwards. Android 8 is quite low-end today, dispatched almost four years back. I would state that we've gone to an awesome breaking point to help low-end gadgets. Notwithstanding, if there is a need to help even lower [platforms], we will investigate it. I do accept that Android 8 is a decent cut-off and yet on the off chance that you have a telephone which has better from inside our settings you can really support the exhibition mode by taking it to the ultra-execution mode where the game will have higher-delivered goal and illustrations. We have even given the control of value back to the gamers inside the actual game.

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