Facebook AI confused a photo of some onions with sexual content 

Facebook AI confused a photo of some onions with sexual content 

A Canadian nursery place had its Facebook promotion ad for onion seeds brought somewhere near the stage on Monday. Facebook said the advertisement was taken out for disrupting its guidelines on "items with clearly sexual situating."  

Facebook's AI battles to differentiate between sexual photos of the human body and globular vegetables. On Monday, a garden place in Newfoundland, Canada on Monday got a notification from Facebook about an advertisement it had transferred for Walla Walla onion seeds that contained a photograph of certain onions. 

Facebook's notification said the promotion disrupted its guidelines on "items with obviously sexual situating," explaining: "postings may not situate items or administrations in an explicitly intriguing way." 

Facebook's head of comms on Wednesday disclosed to Canada's CBC News the promotion ad had been reestablished after survey. The error had been made by its AI balance tech, which consequently brings down substance it thinks contains nakedness, it said. 

    "We utilize mechanized innovation to keep nakedness off our applications. However, now and again it doesn't have the foggiest idea about a walla onion from a, well, you know. We reestablished the advertisement and are upset for the business' difficulty," Meg Sinclair, Facebook Canada's head of correspondences told CBC. She didn't explain what she implied by a "you know." 

This isn't the first run through Facebook's computerized frameworks have over-enthusiastically eliminated content later restored by human mediators. In 2018 its frameworks brought down a post containing selections from the Declaration of Independence after it hailed the post as containing scorn discourse.

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