First Glass Bridge Being Built In Bihar To Upsurge The Footfall

First Glass Bridge Being Built In Bihar To Upsurge The Footfall

Strolling through the world's longest glass bridge in China may appear to be a far-off dream in a pandemic world however here's a plan of action to get an adrenaline junkie's heart dashing. A glass bridge at Rajgir in Bihar in the midst of five slopes is nearly prepared to invite sightseers everywhere from the world. This is the first glass bridge being built in Bihar to upsurge the footfall of homegrown and abroad guests in the state.

The glass bridge built-in accordance with China's Hangzhou territory glass bridge will be 85 feet long and 6 feet in width and can oblige 40 people all at once. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as of late visited the spot for examination. Come New Year and the vacationers can go to the glass bridge and steel structure.


Vacation spot in and around Bihar's first skywalk

A condition of art ropeway and a jungle safari is being built to captivate the sightseers in Nalanda. The glass bridge will be a piece of the nature safari that is being created in 500 acres of land of the ancient Budh Marg. The zoo safari in profuse forests of Rajgir is perceived by the Central zoo Authority.
There will be about 18 glass enclosed lodges in the new ropeway, each with 8 sightseers that will cover 750 meters in a short time. Additionally, sightseers can likewise do different experience sports like air cycling or be a piece of Gondola ropeway ride. Butterfly park, Ayurveda park will be the other significant fascination of the spot. Houses are being implicit the regions for pleasant stay of guests. Beautification of Venu Van is likewise in progress

Rajgir tops the income made through the travel industry in Bihar. Generally, Rajgir is vital. Significant attractions incorporate Son Bhandar caves, hot water spring, privately known as Brahmakund and the peach pagoda, Vishwa Shanti Stupa. Nalanda, a seat for scholarly insight in antiquated occasions is likewise in close region. With this new skywalk, the travel industry in the state is required to develop a long way.

In the interim, India's first skywalk is in Sikkim's Pelling arranged right opposite a 137 feet sculpture of Chenrezig, who as per fables, is the natural manifestation of Lord Buddha. Settled in the midst of the Himalayas, the glass skywalk is at a stature of 7,200 feet above ocean level.

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