German Prince Son Sold his family Mansion For One Euro To Gov

German Prince Son Sold his family Mansion For One Euro To Gov

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the spouse of Princess Caroline of Monaco, is suing his son to win back control of a German castle and keep it from falling into public hands, a court said Tuesday.
Ernst August, 66, gave his child the fantasy like Marienburg mansion and a few different properties somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2007, yet now needs them back refering to "gross ingratitude", the region court of Hanover said in a proclamation.

As per a report, Ernst August Junior sold his family's mansion, worth great many dollars, to the public authority for one euro or generally Rs 87 in INR. It is the furthest down the line public altercation to hit the noble family, whose patriarch has throughout the years been nicknamed "the party prince" and even "the brawling prince" over his jetset way of life and drunken ventures.

As per the court articulation, Ernst August recorded a claim toward the end of a year ago trying to repudiate the gifts of Marienburg Castle, the Calenburg villa and a regal property in Herrenhausen. He blames his child, Ernst August junior, of acting against his desires and going despite his good faith by offering Marienburg Castle to the province of Lower Saxony as open property - part of the way in light of the gigantic expenses of keeping up the mid-nineteenth century Gothic-style castle.

The offended party, who lives in Austria, additionally blames his child for inappropriately appropriating works of art and antiques possessed by the family. Ernst August senior gauges the complete estimation of the disputed properties and things at exactly 5,000,000 euros, the court said.

Ernst August junior, 37, disclosed to German news office DPA that the case had no legitimacy, saying all the contentions raised "have just been negated out-of-court before". He said the arrangement struck to move ownership for Castle to the local specialists of Lower Saxony was "legitimately secure". "There's nothing that holds up traffic of the drawn-out preservation of Marienburg as a central cultural landmark of Lower Saxony, open to all," he said. The court has not yet marked the calendar for a hearing.

Ernst August senior has been fighting for quite a long time with his child over the family's royal properties. So extreme was the altercation that he declined his official agreement to his child's 2017 marriage with Russian-born fashion designer Ekaterina Malysheva and avoided the wedding. Princess Caroline, who has been divorced from her husband since 2009, went to the pre-marriage ceremony.

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