Kozhikode Plane Crash: Overconfident Pilot 's Non-Adherence To SOP Cause Of Crash

Kozhikode Plane Crash: Overconfident Pilot 's Non-Adherence To SOP Cause Of Crash

The Air India plane accident at the Kozhidkode air terminal in Kerala last year was most likely brought about by the pilot's non-adherence to standard operating strategy, news agency investigated Saturday, referring to an administration document. Nonetheless, it added that the part of "systematic failures" in the mishap can't be overlooked.

On August 7, 2020, Air India Express' Boeing-737 flight bringing Indians residents back from Dubai overshot the Kozhikode air terminal's table-top runway in the midst of substantial downpour, toppled into a valley and divided into half. The plane was conveying 190 travelers and crew. "The pilot had given an admonition prior to landing saying the climate was truly downright awful," had told the news agency. "He pursued for safe landing twice however lost control over the plane and tumbled."

   21 individuals, including the plane's two pilots, were killed in the accident. A day after the episode, Union minister V Muraleedharan disclosed to news agency that had pilot Deepak Sathe not turn down the engine on schedule and potentially prevented the plane from bursting into flames, the quantity of losses would have been higher.

On August 13, 2020, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau, a division of the civil aviation ministry, reported that a five-member group will direct an investigation into the mishap. On Saturday, the department presented its last report on the occurrence to the ministry. "The reasonable justification of the mishap was the non-adherence to Standard Operating Procedure by the PF [Pilot Flying], wherein, he proceeded an unstabilised approach and arrived past the landing zone, mostly down the runway, disregarding 'Go Around' call by Pilot Monitoring," it said, as indicated by news report.

The report added that the pilot may have been careless, given the way that he was knowledgeable about arriving at the air terminal in awful climate conditions. "This experience may have prompted carelessness prompting lack of concern and a condition of decreased cognizant consideration that would have truly influenced his activities, decision making just as CRM [Crew Resource Management]," the report said.

The investigation document noticed that the pilot "appeared to be restless to get back to Kozhikode on schedule", as per news agency. "His activities and decisions were directed by a 'misplaced' inspiration to land back at Kozhikode as on time."

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