Music Composer Vanraj Bhatia Passes Away At 93

Music Composer Vanraj Bhatia Passes Away At 93

Incredible music composer and National Award winner Vanraj Bhatia, 93, died on Friday. The Padma Shree awardee was confronting old age issues and was for the most time bedridden. He is most popular for creating music for movies like Ankur, 36 Chowringhee Lane and TV show Tamas.

Responding to the news, movie maker Hansal Mehta retweeted a post, stating, "Rip Maestro." Actor-politician Smriti Irani communicated shock at the news and offered her gratitude to the musician with a tweet. "Stunned to find out about the demise of Vanraj Bhatia. Wagle ki Duniya, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, he leaves behind endless recollections in his scores. My sympathies to his friends and family and fans. ॐ शान्ति 🙏," she said.
Farhan Akhtar additionally tweeted about Vanraj Bhatia's death expressing, "Tear #VanrajBhatia .. aside from the numerous other splendid melodic works he made, I clearly recollect the theme of 'Tamas' that began with a screech so loaded up with agony, it could send a chill up anybody's spine and make's anyone extremely upset."

Prior, the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) had gone to the guide of the music author following reports about his declining wellbeing and poor monetary circumstance in an every day. The veteran was supposed to experience difficulty walking appropriately and couldn't get treatment because of absence of assets.

IPRS, headed by veteran screenwriter Javed Akhtar, stepped in for help after the news. In an explanation, the lyricist said, "We generally endeavor to help our music brotherhood through all accessible methods at whatever point required. The second we came to think about the chronic sickness of our composer companion Vanraj Bhatia, we promptly delivered from our assets for his aid."
"Going ahead, we are considering long haul intends to guarantee monetary and other strength to IPRS individuals. Creators and composers in India should join IPRS and register their works with IPRS. IPRS can give them security and long haul monetary steadiness as their right," Akhtar added.

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