Need For Restricted Use Of Plastic For Packaging Purpose: Supreme Court

Need For Restricted Use Of Plastic For Packaging Purpose: Supreme Court

Supreme Court has on Friday given notification in an allure recorded testing National Green Tribunal in supplication bringing up significant issues identifying with climate emerging out of the issue of unlimited and unregulated utilization of plastics for packing purpose. A Division bench of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice MR Shah has guided the matter to be recorded following a month and counter affidavit to be documented in the in the mean time.

The current allure by Him Jagriti Uttaranchal Welfare Society has been documented through Advocate Srishti Agnihotri challenging eighth January 2021 passed by the NGT on an application raising the accompanying issues:

  •  The unlimited and enormous scope utilization of plastic for packaging, which incorporates polyethylene terephthalate ("PET") bottles and multi-layer packs, for example, Tetra packaging has serious health results.
  •  The presence of substantial metals like antimony, lead, chromium, cadmium and plasticizers like di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalates ("DEHP") in plastic past as far from the approved limit, which is adverse to human health as the synthetic compounds leach into the palatable substance and cause harm to the endocrine and neurological framework.
  •  Need for limited utilization of plastic in packaging of carbonated sodas and alcohol quickly and the progressive eliminating of plastic packaging in any remaining trivial things.
  •  The connection between plastic utilized in packaging and its unfriendly effect on human health.

The litigant through this allure has contended that NGT through its criticized order neglected to practice its jurisdiction under Section 14 of the NGT Act, 2010 disregarding convincing proof put on the record. Rather Tribunal incorrectly held the unfriendly health impacts of plastic packaging had been controlled to a level since the proposals of the Bhan Committee report had been carried out.

Further, it has been contended that disregarding extensive logical proof put on the record, the public authority has neglected to make a move in the seven years that this matter has been pending before the Tribunal.
"Thinking about this inaction throughout the long term, leaving it to the chief specialists to manage the issue of the antagonistic health effects of plastic packaging would be a worthless exercise. The Ld. Council's inability to settle on this issue, which was pending before it since 2014 has created further setback, just fueling the unsafe impacts on the heath of buyers." The allure has expressed.

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