No Further Lockdown, Restriction Will Be only In Markets: Deputy CM

No Further Lockdown, Restriction Will Be only In Markets: Deputy CM

Repeating the Delhi government's disavowal of another lockdown, deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that there are no signs to close down markets or return schools by the same token. In a meeting to News channel, Sisodia, notwithstanding, said that specific guidelines might be forced if the groups and Covid-19 cases keep on flooding in markets. Answering to Congress leader Ajay Maken's analysis of the sumptuous Lakshmi Puja attended by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Sisodia said the public capital might have dealt with the pandemic better had the Congress reinforced the medical care foundation during its 15-year reign in Delhi.

Lockdown was not an answer for the pandemic, it very well may be handled through appropriate medical facilities which the public authority was doing successfully, he said while connecting with journalists at the Delhi Secretariat. The national capital has been seeing a rise in Covid cases since October 28 when every day cases penetrated the 5,000 imprint unexpectedly. Single-day ascend in cases crossed the 8,000 blemish on November 11.


It is the third and deadliest rush of the Corona virus in Delhi with 584 fatality rate in six days. What constrained your administration to return to the procedure and would you say you are taking a gander at a total closure of markets?

Nobody is pondering finished closure or lockdown. It is a misguided judgment being spread that we are set out toward a lockdown. I have been stating over and again that lockdown isn't the answer for Covid-19. The arrangement is better hospital management the executives, better medical facilities, and better medical management. The Delhi government has been working here in an extremely strong way.

We have just forced a lockdown. There was a lockdown in the whole nation as well, and we have seen the outcomes. Issues have spiraled all things considered. In certain markets, we have seen crowded groups and we are keeping an eye on these markets. In the event that, even after the finish of festivals, we keep on observing such groups and on the off chance that we discover positive cases from these markets, where we are likewise leading tests, at that point we will consider certain guidelines, how to implement social distancing, how to diminish the groups, and how to make individuals who visit markets wear masks. We will converse with the market affiliations and force certain guidelines, if essential. In any case, there is no doubt of any lockdown.

  • Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the Delhi government has no arrangement to force a lockdown.

  • Except may impose few limitations in market regions for certain days to resist the spread of COVID-19, if such a need emerges.

  • On Tuesday, Delhi recorded 6,396 new COVID-19 cases, taking the contamination count to over 4.95 lakh.

You are discussing guidelines in commercial centers. Is it true that you are additionally considering comparative guidelines and limitations for the transportation sector?

We are not in the slightest degree pondering closing down markets. I am emphasizing that we have just looked for authorization from the central government that, if essential, we may force certain guidelines. Notwithstanding, this is neither lockdown nor scaled down lockdown as is being named by the media. What's more, we are not pondering acquiring guidelines somewhere else. I am stating again that the answer for Covid doesn't lie in closing down everything. The arrangement lies in treating the individual contaminated by Covid-19. You can't stop the Covid. Nobody on the planet has any command over the ascent and fall in cases.

    In Delhi, our clinic the board framework is with the end goal that we have almost 26,000 individuals in home-seclusion. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was the first to start the arrangement of home isolation in the nation.
Furthermore, we have a decent emergency vehicle administration. There is no issue there. Today, Delhi has more 16,000 Covid-explicit beds, of which almost 7,500 to 8,000 beds are unfilled. There was a deficiency of ICUs, on which the main pastor had kept in touch with the central government looking for help. We are thankful to the central government that they would give us 250 ICU beds by Monday. They have vowed to give us 750 ICU beds altogether. When these ICU beds are accessible, there will be no issue.


Notwithstanding, the way where the cases and number of passings are spiraling, the accessibility of ICU beds can in any case turn into an issue...

In ICUs, 85 to 90% of the beds are involved. Around half of non-ICU beds are accessible. We confronted a lack of ICU beds which is the reason we mentioned the central government for help. The CM is looking for help from all - central government, charitable associations, DRDO. Any place there is a need, the Chief Minister isn't dithering in requesting help. Interestingly, we are finding support.


When it is hard to authorize social distancing in markets, and when we are at this pinnacle, what arrangement exists separated from closing down markets?

Lockdown isn't the solution. Mass mindfulness is. While the public authority is working effectively on better medical facility and better hospital management the executives, everybody must be resolved to stop the pandemic. At whatever point we venture out - to the business sectors, in our vehicles, in transports, for strolls - we should guarantee that we wear our masks. Masks are significant.


Is the proposition confining the quantity of individuals to 50 rather than 200 applicable just to weddings? Or then again social occasions, all things considered?

It is applicable to all open social affairs. It isn't about weddings. The fact of the matter is that the more individuals accumulate, the more possibilities there are of infringement of conventions. In the event that one individual in that get-together of 200 is contaminated, at that point all others convey the danger of getting tainted. Consequently, the limitation on a wide range of get-together s.


You are pondering about regulating these limitations now. For what reason didn't you consider them previously? Maybe this circumstance would not have emerged at that point?

I feel that these means have been taken at the correct time. Because of festivals, there was a flood of individuals in the markets. I feel the progression has been taken at the opportune time.


Congress leader Ajay Maken has affirmed that you binge spent Rs 32 crore on Lakshmi Puja on Diwali. A similar cash might have been used in giving more medical services in Delhi during a period of such financial pain.

I don't have the figures for how much cash was spent, however perhaps Ajay Maken has them. Maken's party is presently having issues even with Diwai pujan, which is very lamentable. Maken's party was in the public authority for a very long time in Delhi. Had they done as much for clinical facilities as has been done over the most recent five years, Delhi would be in an better state now.


No inquiry of schools re-opening at this point?

No. Not under any condition.

      On Tuesday, Delhi recorded 6,396 new COVID-19 cases, taking the contamination count to over 4.95 lakh, while 99 additional fatalities pushed the death rate to 7,812. The city had recorded 104 deaths in a day on November 12, the most noteworthy in five months.


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