No Limitations On Voicing Concerns And Complaints Via Social Media: SC

No Limitations On Voicing Concerns And Complaints Via Social Media: SC

During the Supreme Court hearing on Covid circumstance the nation over, Justice DY Chandrachud on Friday said that if residents are voicing concerns and complaints via web-based media, there can't be any restriction on them.
   "I'm hailing an issue of grave concern. In the event that residents impart their complaints via online media or news, there is no motivation to assume that is not right. There can't be a suppression on data," said Justice Chandrachud. He further added, "Let a solid message go across to all states that we will think of it as a scorn of this court if any resident is hassled for making a supplication via web-based media or media for making a request for oxygen or beds and so on"
Supreme Court has said there ought not be any assumption that grievances raised on the web by residents are bogus.

The Center had as of late gave an order to Twitter saying a few tweets on Covid-19 were not in consistence with India's IT law. Twitter eliminated a few tweets made by some mainstream handles, including handles having a place with Member of Parliament Revanth Reddy, West Bengal Minister Moloy Ghatak, following the order.

Then, India on Friday recorded a striking 3.86 lakh new Covid-19 cases and almost 3,500 fatalities in 24 hours. The disturbing numbers have managed a serious hit to the wellbeing foundation of the country with hospitals running out of beds and oxygen for the gigantic deluge of patients.

The Supreme Court bench hearing a suo motu case on the Covid circumstance in the nation said, "We concur that health framework we acquired over recent years isn't satisfactory." The court additionally noticed that the medical care area has gone to a limit and retired doctors or consultants could be re-employed to help the nation fight the second influx of Covid that has been taking more than 3,000 lives consistently.

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