PM affronts farmers, by calling them andolanjevi: Ms Gandhi Vadra

PM affronts farmers, by calling them andolanjevi: Ms Gandhi Vadra

Ranchers have made the nation "atmanirbhar" (self-assured) however they are being made to tolerate the new farm laws, Congress' Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said today at a ranchers' meeting in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The kisan mahapanchayat is being held notwithstanding prohibitory orders forbidding enormous social affairs by the state district administration. The orders were approved earlier today in the state, which has been arising as another focal point for the dissent against the Center's three homestead laws that was at first controlled by the ranchers of Punjab and Haryana.

The public authority doesn't get ranchers or what they stand for, said Ms Gandhi Vadra, who is going to the mahapanchayat as a feature of the party's 10-day "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan" crusade that will be held in 27 regions of the state. The party has been vociferously supporting the ranchers' protest and Uttar Pradesh, where state elections are expected one year from now, has become another region of core interest.

  "They (the public authority) call the ranchers against nation, however truly, it is them who are hostile to nation," she said. "They call ranchers fomenters, fanatics, and terrorist. They question the ranchers, yet the core of the rancher can never be against the country. The rancher's heart, his work itself is for the land. Ranchers work the land, work day and night on the land. How might they betray the country?" added the Congress general secretary.

"The Prime Minister had the time to go to Pakistan, he had the opportunity to go to China, however he didn't have the time to visit the bordering zones of his own constituency and meet ranchers," she said, calling attention to that it was the ranchers who had voted in favour of him. "The Prime Minister himself affronts ranchers, that too in Parliament, by calling them 'andolanjeevi' (one who lives for fomentation)," Ms Gandhi Vadra said, hailing the term utilized by PM Modi in setting of the protests.

Answering to the Presidential speech on Monday, the Prime Minister had hit out at those behind the protests.  "There is another yield of 'andolanjeevi'. They live for fights. They search for approaches to begin another movement...The country should know about these 'andolanjeevi'," he had said.

With the BJP oftentimes highlighting the Congress as provocateurs to ranchers, numerous in parliament, beginning with previous Union minister P Chidambaram, had displayed it as a symbol of honour.

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