Rajasthan Cabinet Reshuffle: CM Ashok Gehlot Meets Sonia Gandhi In Delhi

Rajasthan Cabinet Reshuffle: CM Ashok Gehlot Meets Sonia Gandhi In Delhi

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot met with Congress president Sonia Gandhi today, building up buzz that he will grow his cabinet to end a long-rotting quarrel with rival Sachin Pilot. Recently, Congress pioneers including Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had supposedly encouraged him to oblige Sachin Pilot's allies in his ministry.

Mr Gehlot's meeting with Sonia Gandhi was on "extending the Rajasthan cabinet and hiring administrators of state corporations", said party pioneers. "The party central leadership will settle on the cabinet reshuffle in Rajasthan. Ajay Maken has all the data on it. We need great administration to proceed in the state," Mr Gehlot told correspondents after the meeting, talking generally on fuel costs.

Sources said the Congress leadership wants the reshuffle to occur promptly, with regards to a significant promise to Mr Pilot when he consented to drop his resistance over a year prior. Other than Priyanka Gandhi, other Congress pioneers like KC Venugopal and Rajasthan in-control Ajay Maken were available at a gathering at Rahul Gandhi's home in Delhi where Mr Gehlot was reminded about the since a long time ago deferred cabinet changes. Rahul Gandhi was not in the meeting.

   Last year, Mr Pilot set up camp in Delhi with 18 MLAs for quite a long time as he felt scammed and sidelined by Mr Gehlot in the Rajasthan Congress. In 2018, when the Congress won the Rajasthan political race, Mr Pilot was credited with the party's success however he had to agree to the post of Mr Gehlot's deputy.
His revolt presented to Mr Gehlot's administration to a close breakdown situation and set off an exceptional numbers game in which the Chief Minister sequestered MLAs faithful to him at a Jaipur inn.

In the midst of bits of gossip that he was in converses with the BJP and could follow a similar course as Jyotiraditya Scindia - one more Congress rebel who changed to the BJP last year - Mr Pilot pulled back from the verge after a gathering with every one of the three Gandhis and acknowledged their proposal of a further developed offer in the state government. Be that as it may, his understanding has been tried significantly with Mr Gehlot sitting on the proposed changes for a year.

In September this year, Mr Pilot - still excited about the top occupation in Rajasthan - had more meetings with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. The Gandhis apparently likewise want Mr Pilot to assume responsibility for Gujarat ahead of elections in the state one year from now.

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