US Boycotted Chinese Phone Brand Xiaomi With 8 Other Companies

US Boycotted Chinese Phone Brand Xiaomi With 8 Other Companies

The US government has boycotted Chinese cell phone producer Xiaomi and China's third-biggest public oil organization for supposed military connections, stacking tension on Beijing in President Donald Trump's last week in office.
The Department of Defense added nine organizations to its rundown of Chinese organizations with military connections, including Xiaomi and state-claimed plane producer Commercial Aircraft of China (Comac).

US investors should strip their stakes in Chinese organizations on the military rundown by November this year, as indicated by a chief order endorsed by Trump in November. Alipay, WeChat Pay Among 8 Chinese Apps Banned in US by Trump Order.
Xiaomi tweeted an explanation proclamation, saying that it is "not owned, controlled, or subsidiary with the Chinese military." It said that the organization will take "proper action" to secure the interests of its partners.

   Xiaomi surpassed Apple as the world's No. 3 cell phone creator by sales in the second from last quarter of 2020, as per information by Gartner. Xiaomi's market share of the overall industry has developed as Huawei's shares have endured after it was boycotted by the US and its cell phones were cut off from fundamental services from Google.

Independently, the Commerce Department put China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) on the entity list, a financial boycott that prohibits US firms from trading or moving innovation with the organizations named except if consent has been gotten from the US government. The move comes after around 60 Chinese organizations were added to the rundown in December, including drone producer DJI and semiconductor firm SMIC. US Said to Be Considering Adding Alibaba, Tencent to China Stock Ban.

CNOOC has been engaged with seaward drilling in the contested waters South China Sea, where Beijing has covering regional cases with different nations including Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

"China's wild and antagonistic activities in the South China Sea and its forceful push to gain touchy protected innovation and innovation for its militarisation endeavors are a danger to US public security and the security of the worldwide community," US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in an assertion. "CNOOC goes about as a domineering jerk for the People's Liberation Army to threaten China's neighbors, and the Chinese military keeps on profiting by government common military combination arrangements for censure purposes," Ross said.
CNOOC didn't promptly remark.

Chinese state-owned organization Skyrizon was likewise added to the monetary boycott, for its push to "secure and indigenise unfamiliar military advancements," Ross said. Beijing Skyrizon Aviation, established by mogul Wang Jing, drew US analysis for an endeavor to assume control over Ukraine's military airplane engine creator Motor Sich in 2017. The worry was that advanced aerospace innovation would wind up being utilized for military purposes.

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