YouTuber Gets Arrested For Flying His Dog Tied With Hydrogen Balloons

YouTuber Gets Arrested For Flying His Dog Tied With Hydrogen Balloons

A Delhi-based YouTuber Gaurav Sharma has been captured for making his pet dog drift in the midair by tying hydrogen inflatables on its back. The man, whose channel is designated "GauravZone", had as of late shared the video which made tremendous outrage on the web.

The currently erased video shows the YouTuber, a couple of others and Dollar, his pet dog, in a locality park. A lot of bright colorful hydrogen helium balloons are attached to the dog's chest area. "The chest area (upper portion) has begun flying a bit," Gaurav clarifies as he shows the demonstration, pulling up the series of inflatables, further lifting the dog.

He at that point pokes the dog to run, saying it will fly in the air on the off chance that it runs. A lady also is seen holding the pet. Guarav says they have attached two additional inflatables to it and that this could make it float. In minutes, the dog is seen flying away before the lady figures out how to grasp it.

In a similar video, the YouTuber sits on top of a four-wheeler in a narrow road and flies Dollar up in the air utilizing hydrogen helium balloon. The dog is seen drifting up to a gallery on the second floor of a building. A complaint has been enrolled against Gaurav, who has more than 4,000,000 supporters on YouTube, and his mom, in south Delhi's Malviya Nagar police headquarters under different sections of the law.

  Three days prior, he had put out a conciliatory sentiment video, clarifying why he erased the 'flying dog' video. He said he had taken "all security means" prior to flying his pet. "Prior to making the video, I had taken all the wellbeing measures. I had said this in the video yet didn't shared this part as it would've expanded the length of the video. It was a slip-up on my part. All I need to say is that I had made the video with all the security measures... wrong substance went out and it ought not to have occurred," he said.

Saying 'sorry' to his watchers and animal lovers, he said he treats his pet "like a child". "I am sorry on the off chance that you felt terrible subsequent to watching the Dollar video. I will not attempt such things once more. Those who're getting impacted by such things, kindly don't get affected. In the event that sentiments have been harmed, I really look for your statement of regret."

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